What to do when we must Shelter In Place?

International travel is unlikely to be possible any time soon, so it’s wonderful to participate in digital exhibitions such as Yatooi’s seasonal nature art projects.

Meanwhile, the concerns of my ephemeral nature art projects - how do I thank this world for being, what is deep time, what can we do with our own two hands to help conservation, how to live better within Life’s cycles - are finding their way into paintings. See “New Works” page

Ghalaghadi Dreams

Sacred geometry on Hakskeenpan in the Kalahari - a collaboration with Cha Davenport.

Boland Earth

Startling red clay in the Boland and local reeds for vivid contrast. One of the fences and ladders made in the Diepklowe conservancy

The Amazing 7-Headed Coat

Performed for ‘Till It Breaksat Greatmore Events Space, September 2013

An experiment in collaboration and its benefits and pitfalls, the costume is a circle of sky-blue cloth marked in obscure drawings and embroidered with black scribbles. This is encircled by a series of 7 hooded cloaks, worn by 7 participants. The performance is improvised as an intuitive dance, with 6 others to ‘have your back’.

Environmental Art Residency in Chenglong Wetland Park, Taiwan

work entirely from found natural materials bamboo, palm, sisal, shells…
Detail of the ‘Hungry Monster’, part of my ‘Circle of Life’ - forms chasing one another in a feeding frenzy. The messages on the bamboo strips were written by visitors on the Open Days.

Drawing Together at National Arts Festival 2012

This public art project was supported by the Festival, and involved artists, performers, children, students and the general public in drawing sessions and conversation, culminating in a space jam-packed with portraits.
The space gradually filled with drawings, hung like show posters from strings. Participants of all kinds were drawn together to collaborate, communicate and share skills.

Waving to the sky at Afrika Burn 2010

Click here to view photo’s of Tankwa Hands.

Ngong Forest workshop 2008 Nairobi, Kenya

Click here to view works created in the forest workshop.