WHO is looking over your shoulder?

Strange characters have a habit of appearing in my studio. In times like these I find it harder to make the space for them to materialise, and am convinced they have more than ever to teach us. This nameless Personage began to wander into my studio soon after a trip trough Namaqualand, where the vast bowl of sky hums over a wide land speckled with tiny plants elusive creatures, sparkling sand and jewelled rocks. He asnwers to non name, but seems to want to offer the comfort of one who has endured and learnt a lot from all life forms.

Paintings are available through Artvark Gallery or direct from my studio in Claremont. POA

… Many Mountains?

Recently completed a wedding celebration painting called Icecream Days for the Hoptons. It’s intended to inspire a long partnership of sharing memories. It was inspired by a visit to Langebaan lagoon, appreciating the enormous windswept sky, luminous colour and collaboration with flamingoes.

Then turned to Mountains… how to choose between love of these spaces?


What a privilege to visit Limpopo and meet some magnificent, well-aged characters… these Boababs are hundreds of years old - they don’t even begin to fruit and flower until they are about 200!I sat and admired their beautiful shapes and enjoyed their welcome shade, as even in August it’s really hot there. So many birds and of course the song of the cicadas…

Took time to make some small ephemeral works in tribute, drew a few portraits, With the help of Zbys, Roxy and Alex also gave two of these great old girls a tummy rub - this one has an 11m waistline!

The empty dam?

We walked the crusted dam floor at Cape Town’s Theewaterskloof Dam, to feel for ourselves the dusty windblown emptiness of a three-year drought.

As the Bushmen say, it is our task to call the Rain, to make beauty for her and sing until she longs to come to us!

Perhaps it was this work to “Show the Rain Her Beautiful Face” that broke the drought?

Perhaps it is us who helped “find a Way for the Rain”

…What the Mountain says?

Sometimes we wonder why we make nature art or land art… and then we remember to listen and the land tells us what do!